Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saving vs. Spending????!!!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!

At a time when the entire world around me is talking about economic recession, meltdown....... when economists and financial analysts are losing hair over the saving and spending dynamics... when everybody is talking about saving carefully...... I want to talk about spending!!! Not about spending carefully.... I want to talk about spending to the fullest of our capacity!!
I am talking about spending .........something that is” MUCH” more valuable than money, I am talking about spending our lives!!!
So many people I know...... invariably end up saving their lives than spending it!!! End up saving moments than spending them!!
Packets and packets of fun, love, thrill, sadness, fear and happiness is saved up for a later day and later time (which may never come!!!) Each day... we all seem so busy cautiously living on yesterday’s saving or saving carefully for a tomorrow (which is an imaginary concept!) that we forget to spend today for what it is worth!!
Small things in life... small pleasures... are all saved up for one big day!! Which, for most of us remains a dream, because we are too busy saving and would never know when our ‘big’ day finally comes!! So, what exactly am I trying to say? What I am saying is simple, as simple as “This life is ours to be spent, not saved!! “
So, how do you go about doing that? Just fill every minute of your life, with the sixty seconds that its worth! Just do everything that you want to do, when you want to do it! Be it as simple as giving yourself a hug, celebrating your small victory... just do it! Don’t wait for another day...... If you feel like popping into your friends place, pulling him out for a drive to the beach... just do it! Don’t wait for the right moment- don’t save up the fun that the wish has in store for you! Every moment in life is a gift beautifully wrapped, waiting to be unwrapped! By trying to save up life, you just leave so many gifts unwrapped- each missing gift spells a missed opportunity!!
If you feel like giving your amma a hug for the wonderful rasam that day, or giving your bro a hug for letting you use his mp3 player- just do it! If you feel like being angry, finish it off! If tears fill your eyes and all you need to do is to just cry!! Do it!! Finish it!! Don’t save it up!! If life seems fearful, finish feeling it so that courage is born there! Don’t save up anything – anger, love, tears, fun, guilt, happiness!!
Don’t wait for somebody’s birthday to get them a card! Don’t save up those sudden surges of love that fills your heart, for another day....spend it to the FULLEST of your capability, that very moment - it may be expressed in the simplest ways like sticking a post-it-note on your appa’s wardrobe saying what an inspiring father he is to you or putting up a post-it on your friend’s door saying what an idiot he is and how much you love for being the best idiot possible!!When you are suddenly reminded of a happy moment spent with your long lost friend, make sometime that day to type in an email telling him that he was remembered!! Do not save it up for a time when you meet that friend of yours! Life invariably has a way of getting so busy that the lesser important things climb up priority ladder than the more important things!!!
Don’t save up a compliment, an inspiring word, or a reassuring and comforting hug for another day! The best day is that very day! The best moment is that very moment! Each moment in your and my life deserves to be spent and not saved for the future........ The most fabulous way to secure happiness for the future is to spend today as happily as possible!!
So, for all those of you out there, who are complaining about not having enough cash to spend, who wallets seem light all the time... switch to spending your lives, in more than one meaningful ways!! Most of life’s beautiful things (like the sunsets, walk along the beach, the breeze against the face,sitting in silence with your friend,spending a day shopping with your amma,teaching your little cousin a nursery rhyme.......!) may not drill into our wallets, but they are so priceless!!
Coming back to the idea of spending lives, let me answer a few FAQ’s!!
1. What happens to my future if I keep spending today?
The BEST thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time!!!And we will always find enough to spend, because, the most fundamental thing about life is that NONE of us can ever finish living it!!! We will always have enough and more to spend!!
2. What happens if we spend our lives and don’t save it?
We make stunning, awesome memories out of ordinary days, for ourselves and for people around us!
In short, we L.I.V.E!!!

We L.I.V.E , a life of purpose!!

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