Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Ok... So now that I have realised my dream of creating a blog for myself... I realise I need to put myself through the slight ordeal of creating posts to fill my blog...!! Well.... My patti keeps saying one must always begin anythin new on a happy note!!! So.. decided that am gonna write about happiness...

Happiness to me is somethin I am extremely passionate about... !! I strongly beleive that happiness.. is the strongest and most potent of emtions, next to love....

What is happiness? is it all about friends ? boy friends? girl friends ? bars of chocolate ? appetising food ? movies ? fun ? classrooms without teachers ? limitless free hours on telephone? ah.. quite tough to define isn't it ? Sometimes, the bell that rings at the end of a boring lecture seems to define all the happiness in the world for usTo some people.. simple things like a steaming cup of coffee, surprise rains, meeting up an old friend, a refreshing glass of juice after a long run can mean a lot of happiness... To others... it takes an india's win against australia... or a long vacation to make them happy...!! But wait.. is this the happiness I am talking about ?

Well.. not really.. Ithink these are more like 'anchors to happiness'...... things that we hold on to, to feel the emotion that we label "happy!" To me, these seem like "programmed happiness"......... like as if we are all programmed that this must give happiness types! As if, emotions are governed by formulae and programming! So, if these anchors aren't around.. then where would we find the happiness?

When i say happy,what I am talking about is the happiness.. true genuine happiness.. that comes out of the very existence.. the joy of existence kinda happiness...

The happiness that doesn't have reason... that which comes out of simple pure act of existing.. of breathing... of being alive..

To be able to connect to that kind of happiness defines bliss.. its like connecting to your roots.. to something in you that 's so deep within! To some fundamental material that all of us are made up of!

The kinda happiness that doesn't rise out of some reason! The kinda happiness that makes you smile to yourself without any reason at all... The kinda happiness that makes you feel at the center of your universe.............

So, for those of you out there... giving a very knowing smile... who have known this kinda happiness.. rock on!! Keep this hapiness burning and alive...!!

and for those of you to whom , what am talking sounds like greek and latin...... buck up! join the club.. feel the happiness... and for those of you who are genuienly mocking at somebody taking time off to write about happiness........ all I have to say is that, an ignorant mind doesn't deserve to be disturbed!!! :-)

Lets live lives independent of the different anchors that we hold on to!!... lets get a glimpse of genuine happiness..!!!! Trust me.... Try this.. and your life would never be the same EVER again!!!


Divya said...

Hey AGNI!!!!!!
:) :) :)
nice one... keep doling out the happiness... as always :)
heres to a great start--- CHEERs!!

to many more happy entries!!! all the very best!!

are u open to suggestions?? ;)
one word
:) LOL

charru said...

another good one..!!! i totally luv ur style of writng.. n i was smilin thruout ..:):).. i like ur selection of topics:):)keep it going.. luv .. charru