Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Passion for Exercise:Part1

One (fatefull!!) saturday morning.. I decided to clean up my cupboard ( which has been on my to-do list for over a year now!!) and guess what i found ? An album with pictures of me at school!! A wide grin on my face that was born out of the discovery of the album turned into a sad look........and I ran to the closest mirror!!Looking into the mirror I realised.. i look healthier than a year back!! (ahEM!! that's a pleasant and nice way of saying.. I ve gracefully added a few kilos to my body mass and generous number of inches to my waist...)

I must admit at this point that, I haven really been the slim kind!! but I wasn't round either!! :-(

This enlightenement that I look 'healthier' than earlier, explanied a lot of phenomena like why a lot of clothes no longer see the light of the day!! and why it took me longer to dress up for an outing (because finding clothese that were magnanimous enough to fit my new size was a problem!!)

Having established that I am 'rounder' than before, I found a strong conviction to become less rounder ( enough to be able to slip into my oldclothes again!)

Having made this promise to myself, I decided that am gonna do all I can to lose weight!.....But! Good lord! Food started seeming more tasteful than before.....!! My amma learnt new recipes and was cooking samosas and kachoris to express her passion for cooking!! Chocolates and icecreams seemed more fun!! More and more friends seemed to be celebrating birthday parties... ( Everybody seemed to be crazy about blackforest cakes that seemed to add two inches to my waist line the moment I set my eyes on them!)..... pizza joints seemed to bring out tastier varities of pizzas.......sigh..... It seemed like the entire world conspired to make me round.. and round.. and round!!

This was the only thing that I had to talk about.. the moment somebody asked what's up..........In an attempt to make me feel good..and reassure me that I look jus fine... my friend called me a cute snow ball! the frenzied brain of mine registered only the snow ball bit of it and the only thing that came to me mind was that snow balls are ROUND!!!! and in that one moment.. a passion for exercise was born!!! ( cause I can never diet! even if i weigh a 100 kilos)

I decided that am gonna exercise to shed all my extra weight!! Now, don throw me into the category of people who exercise thinking that they wanna become size zero(in other words look starved and anaemic!) I just wanted to stop FEELING round!! and have lesser weight to carry around... and of course yeah.. fit into my old clothes again!

After (an exhaustive!) mini survey of best possible ways to lose weight... Idecided that walking is gonna be the stratergy I wanna adopt!! I invested on a good pair of walking shoes , a set of tracks and t-shirts( as i couldn't fit into my old ones.. sob.. sob...!!) and an alarm clock (to wake me up every morning)!! Armed with these in hand.. I implemented by WWW program.. (WWW expands as 'W'alk your 'W'ay to healthy 'W'eight). I started walking!

The first one week was wonderful!! I religiously walked everyday for an hour.....! At the end of one week, I realised that I am not a 'walking' kinda person! It seemed boring.. and more importantly keeping quiet for an entire hour was a challenge!! and then I had an idea!!

Since talking is something I love doing, and since talking also would burn calories, I decided that am gonna find myself a talking partner... er.. I mean a walkin partner!!! Somebody who would walk with me.. and also talk so that the exercise doesn't get boring!

I started lecturing about benefits of walking to my social circle (parents and friends mostly!!) and finally I found myself company!! ( I still have my own doubts that the conclusive decision to come walking with me every morning was more a stratergy that my friend adoped to save the world from my intense lectures about benefits of walking !!)

The next week was better than the previous one!! I had company!! (and I think I burnt more calories talking than walking!) I was on cloud nine that finally I was exercising and everything was going fine... little did I know.. that there was a huge obstacle that was waiting for me the following week... that would put a full stop to my 'Program WWW'!!!!

(to be continued....)


vini said...

awwwww... so cute :) u have this unique way of making ppl happy. felt awesome reading ur posts :). i am a person who hates reading... and if i sat and n read ur entire post...at 11 in the night... then u really are an interesting writer with a different style :) keep writing pleaseeeeeeee.... so tat my reading habit will improve ;). ul get back to ur www pragramme soon... n by the way who is the person walking with u in the morning ;)? GO AGNI !!!



charru said...

really am impressd.. u r really sweet..!!.. was feelin very nice after readin your posts!!!!.. i must say u have a splendid writing style.. super cool babe!!..!.. luv ya.. charru