Thursday, April 23, 2009

“To be or not to be”

“To be or not to be”
The (overdone!!) clichéd famous words of the good old Shakespeare!! It may be overdone or cliché, but at some level – it defines life in a nutshell. It defines the framework within which our lives work; It breaks boundaries and opens up our lives!! It truly does! I guess we spell like as L-I-F-E simply because it more convenient to spell, as compared to “Art-of-choice-making”!!! But, life deserves to be read as “art of choice making” because that’s all life is about!!
Anybody who is happy has a choice- to be or not to be happy! A teacher who punishes a student to death has a choice- to be or not to be heartless and insensible! I have a choice- to write or not to write this blog post now!!!!!!! Simply...anything and everything.... our friends, our relationships, the food we eat, the moods we exhibit, the phones we own, the tears we shed are all a matter of choice.
Well, what happens if we see everything as a choice? It jus creates a perspective shift where you just stop playing the blame-game that corrodes your being! If all situations are mere choices and you are here to just make your own choices then life is as simple as painting a colourful picture the way you want to paint it! You can decide what colours you want and how you want them on your canvas! If some things do go wrong as they will, then the choice is still yours to let it make or break you! So, it’s a win-win situation where nobody-you, people around you or your life situations are to be blamed!!
This is quite a fun thing to do... Assuming responsibility for your own life... being all dramatic and asking yourself at all points in time..... “To be or not to be”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The moment life choices are made out of love driven by passion and not out of fear or compulsion your life can’t help but explode to success!!!!
Well, having come this far I am presented with a choice - to conclude or not to conclude this blog post....!! I have chosen to conclude this post here..... and I will do just that(despite not being successful at finding a right concluding statement for this post) !!!!!!!!!!!

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