Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the "F" theory...

I genuinely believe all our lives are designed to work in a certain manner that revolves around fundamentals that are more or less the same for all of us! This may not be a great line to start a blog post, but it certainly is great line to start off a thinking process. I was thinking about this and I hit upon a very interesting observation which in future will be referred to as the


revolving around two “F-factors”. In fact, the more I dwell in this the more I am convinced that this “F-factor” is a very fundamental and core for all our lives, purposes and action.
So, what exactly is the first “f” factor??!!
It is F.e.A.R!!

If we carefully study a lot of our actions (and inactions!!), a lot of happening around us or other people’s actions, it can be seen that it boils down to a certain fear. Starting from small issues like a lie, which is a fear to expose the truth to a suicide, which is nothing but a fear to live – fear seems a pivotal force in all our lives.
For all the brave hearts out there who are shaking their heads denying any trace of fear in their lives, Let me ask you, do you sing aloud every time you feel like it? Have you ever known what it is to dance like nobody is watching you? Have you ever walked up to the store and got yourself those pair of jeans that you really love, despite all your friends hating it? Gotcha!!
What holds you back?! Isn’t it the factor that takes control of those decisions? Fear of criticism, fear of being hurt or ridiculed, fear of standing out of the crowd, fear of failure, of being laughed at!! Remember all those small and big things that you have always wanted to do, but never got around to doing it? The only that that can or will stop you is the “f” factor!! Every such a thing, that remains a dream arises from this “f” factor- the fear of not wanting to stretch beyond the comfort zone that we belong to or the fear of doing something out of the ordinary!
Well how do we fight this fear? It is at this point that I must introduce the second “f” of the “f” theory, that is

“Facing the fear”!!

As simple as it sounds, jut face your fears! Start simple, but start strong! Does a roller coaster ride put the fear of god into you? Simply face it! This weekend, pack your bags, tag along a few friends and drive to a theme park and just do it- face your roller coaster ride!
Has your class eight math teacher been your biggest fear factor in your life then? (and is that why you hate math till today??!!) Well, blindly execute the second part of the “f” theory: just face your fear! Choose a nice day and drop in to your teacher’s place to spend an hour or two with her, thanking her for all that she has been to you( You have an added advantage that teachers have a way of being nice to alumni!! ;)!! ) face your fear (fearlessly)!
Does speaking on stage set the fear engine in you rolling? Grab the next opportunity to do public speaking (even if it is a boring vote of thanks at the end of a long lecture) and do your best: face your fears!
I bet on all that I own most of the times, at the end of the facing your fear session, you will catch yourself saying “it wasn’t that bad you know!!” because nothing truly is that bad! So, get started on your trip of facing fears!
Let me let you into a secret that this blog is my attempt to face my fear that I can’t do creative writing for nuts! Well, I am facing my fear and am enjoying doing it, believing that it’s not that bad after all!! :D
So, its time you too faced your fears! Let no fear ever hold you back! After all,
No man has ever lost anything by stretching his reins to their fullest possible length!!

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rahul said...

HEY NISHA !!! great work...u have hit the nail on the head...very true..when i read it , i just felt like it was written for me...makes a alot of sense...i have just started..i am taking very small..but i am very sure that they are very firm and confident are writing well..keep up the good work..ALL MY BEST WISHES FOR U!!!