Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I love writing letters...

I love writing letters!!! (Please do not read letters as mails. By letters I mean, those wonderful hand written letters that are generally dropped in post boxes and which reach the recipient a few days after being posted!!!) I genuinely love writing letters! Sitting in a quiet corner, staring at white sheets of paper and eventually conjuring a happy letter for a loved one gets me on a high! Sometimes, when I carry a bunch of four or five letters to post, I feel like Santa Claus whose bag is full of surprises that make people happy!:)
When I am found writing long letters to friends, most people look at me like I come from a different planet or they look at me like I was a part of some ancient civilisation! A zillion times, I have heard people trying to “educate” me on the speed of e-mails and text messages as compared to letters (that are now stylishly called “snail mails”)!! And I stand there, trying to explain that this is my way of telling people that I make time for them, because I care! (I mentally make a note to find time to write to the person who is educating me, to let him know how wonderful letters are!)
Well, just to put it on record- I do use emails and text messages! But I find them so dead as compared to a letter! I mean, a letter is SO full of life- It carries with it a bit of the writer! I can’t disagree that letter writing is a longer process than e-mailing or ‘scrapping’, but isn’t that the most touching thing about a letter? A letter in your hand talks beyond the content of the letter- it screams at you that, “Here’s somebody who thinks you are worth so much of their time”!!
When I talk about letters and letter writing, I have come across people who tell me they have never written a letter in their life! (Ha! Gotcha! Now it’s my turn to take a second look at that person and wonder which planet he is from!!)

Who ever said, letters can be written only for people who live far way!? Letters can be written for anybody( er..that is, to anybody who can read what you have written)!! The next time your friend is celebrating a birthday and you really have trouble finding the right gift, sit down to write a letter for him! (It’s an almost zero cost gift that has the knack of being priceless ;)!) When you write for people who live in the same town, you can have the fun of playing postman yourself by just walking up to that person and shoving the letter in his hands!
Trust me- do it once! The simple excitement and joy is so overwhelming- (irrespective of whether you write the letter or receive a letter) that you would write like it were an addiction!!! The most beautiful thing about a letter is that you write because you care to spend that time and take that little extra effort for the one you love! After all, life’s all about going the extra mile that makes special smiles! So, if you are nodding your head or if you catch yourself mentally agreeing with what I am saying – hold that thought! Act on it now! Pick a paper and pen right away and scribble a letter to five most important people in your life and send it – it will touch your life in a way that is very special! It will touch your loved one’s life in a beautiful way! Try this .. It works..All the time *
(*NO conditions apply)
Well, Just as I am about to finish off this post, let me add a little footnote that’s going to read “I love receiving and reading letters as much as I enjoy writing them ;)” (psst! This is for the benefit of those of you who are wondering what would be a gift I would love the most!!! ;) !!!)

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Srini said...

lol....stumbled on ur blog while i was actually lookin for a friend of the same name....intriguing i must say....tho i dont really fancy shovin the letter in his/her hand myself....but the rest of the post is quite quite interestin....mebbe even insightful:) ....sorry for the discourse....ur blogs got a great theme as well...esp the vedic hymns...over n out