Sunday, November 15, 2009

“You can’t plug round holes with square plugs”

“Operation green hunt - the fancy name given to the offensive against Naxals” has become the brand new nutritive supplement for the insatiably hungry media. The words and phrases that are used with reference to Naxals makes one cringe-“We need to flush out people”…. “Cold blooded murderers”…. Since when are “people” “flushed” out?

… I am not saying Naxals are right, or the State is right – not taking any moral stand or branding of good and evil-. My issue is the lack of debate about this issue- It seems like most people are willing to buy what news channels and papers say! The ‘Great Indian Apathy’ works just fine for the State and the media. Bunches of people who haven’t stepped down from the (urban educated, English speaking) pedestals talk about the issue and (read justify the state’s great idea of the operation green hunt)I would be unfair if I don't make a special mention of Arnam Goswami of the Times Now

("…….On the night of September 22, discussing Kobad Ghandy, a top Naxal ideologue, Arnab Goswami said “Terrorist or ideologue?”.
“Six thousand innocent Indians have been killed on Mr Ghandy’s ‘watch,’” he said (as if Kobad Ghandy was some Idi Amin figure presiding over a banana republic), “and yet human rights organisations and NGOs are asking for his release.” (Mr Goswami always reserves special scorn for human rights activists, as if they are a uniform sub-species of anti-national humankind, rather than men and women with differing and individual views.) “What about the 12-year-old girl the Naxals killed in Jharkhand?” he thundered. “What about the 15 CPM cadres they killed in Bengal last night?” Every time one of his panelists tried to introduce the larger political context behind Naxalism or a more complex argument, Mr Goswami swatted them down… "
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The insensitivity of the media in handling this issue (that is the “gravest threat to the country”) is obscene and reflects clear insensitivity and apathy… If anything, the media (with its moral stands of good and evil) and it’s handling of the whole Naxalite issue is a far greater threat to the country.In a democracy, shouldn't people engage a debate? Shouldn't media facilitate such a debate?

I need to admit at this point that I don’t know enough to comment about the issue, or have an opinion- I am no leftist, communist or a naxalite activist or any such “ist”!! It is the human being in me feels miserable to see beasts in action. If the issue of naxalism is about a neglected section screaming for attention, how can killing them be a solution? Shouldn’t addressing their needs be an issue? This is like saying, I will rob you off your belongings- the moment you raise an issue about it- I will make sure you are silenced!

I read somewhere that over 600 villages in Chattisgarh have been cleared under Salwa Judum and the areas are given to private firms for private mining activities. Labeling this as development and expecting tribals to feel a part of this “development” is ridiculous, illogical and irrational. Roads, powerhouses, mobile phone etc are investment-attractors and not development for the tribals.

A political issue can’t be solved by force.

A socio economic issue can’t be solved by “flushing” people out and spinning myths like inclusive growth, equal opportunities.

Operation green hunt can’t be a solution to a deep rooted problem such as neglect. The operation can kill people, but can do little to the anguish of being practically missing in the world’s largest democracy’s development curve. It is simply not possible to plug round holes with square plugs…..


Divya said...

This has to be one of your best piesces yet. this blog i feel chronicles your growth as a writer. its a testimony to how you are maturing as a writer and a thinker. the piece was incisive, concise and very insightful. would give even the uninitiated a lot to think about and hopefully read up more on this matter and take an informed stand on this issue. thank you nisha for this wonderful piece. your sarcasm was spot on btw :)looking forward to many more such posts. cheers and good luck.


Hey !! This one was really good too.. Ok,you can say i'm pretty jobless today reading all of your blogs.
The last line reminds me of LTTE issue. This reminds me of Anbe Sivam too where Kamal says 'Communism is a feeling.Even if USSR is not there,the feeling will be there'. The deficiency in that state shud be filled by satisfying people's needs.