Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I find boredom very interesting!!

Every time I come across individuals who keep complaining that they are bored, I get very curious!! (They make me wonder, if they ever get bored of being bored!!) Trust me…… I have come across people who seem to find their own lives boring!! Since these people occupy my mind space when it starts showing signs of boredom, I find boredom interesting!!
Out of my personal experience, I can vouch that it is during those periods lacking activity or when individuals are uninterested in the activities surrounding them, most fascinating and wild thoughts cross the mind!! Most fantasies and ingenious ideas are invariably products of boredom!! Isn’t it during those boring study holidays, that we get wonderful ideas to spend holidays? Isn’t it in between those boring lectures that we get ideas for surprise birthday parties!!
I am really passionate about my moments of boredom, because more or less, a whole lot of fabulous, fun ideas of mine are born on those fiercely bored, frustrated days-when my entire life seems so monotonous that I want to break free!! I love those bouts of boredom- that to me is like the silence between two waves!! It is a very beautiful space, of inactivity, of pure existence for the sake of existence, of effortless living!! That’s probably why I find it funny when people want to fight boredom!! I think boredom is something that we must enjoy, let it just be, rather than try to fight it!! After all, it is yet another emotion, a very potent one!! (If not anything else, it makes you write stuff like this blog post!! He he he…)
!! So…… guys!! Explore your boredom!! Make it the most exciting part of your life!! To me, it is definitely one of my exciting factors of life!!
So, here’s to exciting long hours of boredom….. and to all the wild and fabulous ideas that would spring out of it all !! cheers!! :)

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